Terms of use

You are free to use all resources available on Designersrepo with only few condition. If you’ve any doubt read the questions and answers below.

All freebies or resources on designersrepo.com have custom rights and licenses. Be sure to check from Author link or page what kind of license is available. Designersrepo is not responsible for an inappropriate use of the freebies or resources by third person. No attribution or backlinks are strictly required (except for author request), but appreciated. Any form of spreading the word is always appreciated!

You are not permitted to make the resources found on Designersrepo available for distribution elsewhere ‘as is’ without prior consent. If you would like to feature our resources on your site, please link directly to the appropriate item page on Designersrepo website.


You are welcome to republish our freebies on condition that you link back to Designersrepo.com, and you should not provide the assets for direct download from your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your freebies or resources in my project?

Yes. Author Attribution might be generally required.

Can I sell your freebies or resources?

No. You can’t sell our freebies or all the freebies listed on designersrepo. You can use them in personal or commercial projects in accordance to the author’s terms.

Can I offer your freebies resources for download on my site or blog?

No. If you want to share our resources you must link directly to our freebie or resources page.

Can I make my own freebies or resources using yours as inspiration?

Sure. Everyone loves to be credited though as that source of inspiration.

Can I use your freebies or resources in a project i want to sell?

Please refer to the author’s terms of uses and license.

Can I make coded versions of your work and distribute them?

You cannot distribute it without our/author specific authorization. First of all you can share them with us and maybe your files will be featured here on Designersrepo. So, write us for further informations.